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Class CompHAL

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Handles comparator 1 and 3 of the SPIN board. More...

  • #include <CompHAL.h>

Public Functions

Type Name
void initialize (uint8_t comparator_number)
Initializes a comparator for the current mode control.

Detailed Description


Use this element to call the initialization function of either comparator

Public Functions Documentation

function initialize

Initializes a comparator for the current mode control.

void CompHAL::initialize (
    uint8_t comparator_number


Current mode control deploys a comparator together with a DAC. This function must be called after setting up the DAC linked to the comparator. Note that comparator 1 is linked with DAC3 and comparator 3 with DAC1. Comparator 1 is linked with ilow1 and comparator 3 is linked with ilow2.


  • comparator_number can be either 1 or 3




Ayoub Farah Hassan [email protected]


ClĂ©ment Foucher [email protected]

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