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Class PrParams

ClassList > PrParams

all parameters to define the proportional resonant controller. More...

  • #include <pr.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
float32_t Kp
float32_t Kr
float32_t Ts
float32_t lower_bound
float32_t phi_prime
float32_t upper_bound
float32_t w0

Detailed Description




RĂ©gis Ruelland [email protected]


Ayoub Farah Hassan [email protected]


  • Ts sample time
  • Kp proportional gain
  • Kr resonant gain
  • w0 pulsation [rad/s]
  • phi_prime angle in rad to compensate delays
  • lower_bound min value of the output
  • upper_bound max value of the output

Public Attributes Documentation

variable Kp

float32_t PrParams::Kp;

variable Kr

float32_t PrParams::Kr;

variable Ts

float32_t PrParams::Ts;

variable lower_bound

float32_t PrParams::lower_bound;

variable phi_prime

float32_t PrParams::phi_prime;

variable upper_bound

float32_t PrParams::upper_bound;

variable w0

float32_t PrParams::w0;

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