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The tabs of OwnPlot splits all the settings and functions of the app between different pages. Main terminal settings

Send Tab

Purpose: The send tab is dedicated to "Send" data to the selected serial port. The most important field is

Settings Tab

Chart Tab

Record Tab

Mockports Tab

The Mockports tab hosts the setup of the Mockport 4 (File reader).

File reader

You can upload a file recorded from the Record tab and play it back. mockports


You have to select the Mockport 4 in the port selector in order to upload a record file.

By default, the data will be read once and the port will automatically close. mockports You can change this behavior by pressing the Loop Data button. This will read the available data in the provided file and restart the process every time the end file has been reached.


You can also change the interval of points using the interval (ms). the smaller the number, the more data points per second will appear in the graph. mockports

Controls Tab

The Controls tab enables you to set shortcuts for common actions.

Shortcut Action Manual action
Ctrl + Enter Opens/Closes the current port click on the open/close button in the port bar
Ctrl + BackSpace Clear the char/plotting data click on the clear button in the port bar
Ctrl + Space Run and stop plotting click on running/paused button in the port bar
Ctrl + digit 1 switch to Tab1 (Send Tab) click on the Send Tab
Ctrl + digit 2 switch to Tab2 (Settings Tab) click on the Settings Tab
Ctrl + digit 3 switch to Tab3 (Chart Tab) click on the Chart Tab
Ctrl + digit 4 switch to Tab4 (Record Tab) click on the Record Tab
Ctrl + digit 5 switch to Tab5 (Mockports Tab) click on the Mockports Tab
Ctrl + digit 6 switch to Tab6 (Controls Tab) click on the Controls Tab