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First model example with PLECS

This page shows how to run your first example of a PLECS based OwnTech model.


Before you start, please make sure you fullfil the requirements below.


Running the open loop model for the first time

We have developed a first model that you can run out-of-the-box. Here are the steps to launch it.

Step 1 - In PLECS Library Browser go to File->Open

PLECS Library Open

Step 2 - Navigate to the Open loop folder. Choose the Twist_open_loop.plecs and click Open*.

PLECS open loop model

Step 3 - You will see the model and a scope window. Press Ctrl+T on your computer or click on Simulation->Start.

Open loop model and scope window

Step 4 - The simulation will run its course and give you the results as in the image below.

PLECS Preferences Library Tab

You can see an initial in-rush current for loading the Twist board capacitors. At 1 milisecond, the Twist board starts to operate and voltage goes up to around half of the generator voltage, as expected for a 50% duty cycle setup.

Analyzing the model a little further

The open loop model will allow you to explore how the twist board operates.

The model input is a standard voltage source with an inductive impedence and a bus capacitor.

The output is a 1 Ohm resistor.

You are now able to run simulations. The next step is to run closed loop simulations using this model.