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OwnPlot Setup

OwnPlot is the software we have developed to easily visualize data. Here we will show you how to install and use it.


Before you start, make sure you meet the requirements below.


  • Have your VSCode Environment already setup
  • Have your first PWM example uploaded.
  • Have an USB-C cable ready
  • Have a SPIN board ready and connected to your computer (stand-alone or embedded on a TWIST)
  • Have an internet connection up and running

Installing OwnPlot

Choose your system and follow the installation procedure.

Step 1 - Download OwnPlot


All OwnPlot releases can be downloaded on github.

Download the file OwnPlot.Setup.0.6.1.exe

This works with Intel & Apple silicon

Download the file OwnPlot-0.6.1-universal.dmg

Download the file OwnPlot_0.6.1_amd64.deb

Download the file OwnPlot-0.6.1.x86_64.rpm

Download the file OwnPlot-0.6.1.AppImage

Step 2 - Install OwnPlot

  1. Launch the executable OwnPlot.Setup.0.6.1.exe
  2. The app will automatically install in the User\AppData\Local\Programs\OwnPlot folder


This works with Intel & Apple silicon

  1. Launch the disk image OwnPlot-0.6.1-universal.dmg
  2. Drag and drop OwnPlot into your Applications folder mac install
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Install the package
    sudo dpkg -i OwnPlot_0.6.1_amd64.deb


This install has not been tested yet

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Install the package
    sudo rpm -i OwnPlot-0.6.1.x86_64.rpm
  1. Right-click on the AppImage file
  2. Check the button to allow it to run as a program

Step 3 - Run OwnPlot

  1. OwnPlot should launch itself right after the installation has been completed.
  2. OwnPlot should be available from the start menu

Launch OwnPlot from your Application folder or the LaunchPad

If you have trouble running the app for the first time

  1. If you get this:

Mac cannot run

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Security & Privacy Tab
  3. Allow OwnPlot to run by clicking the button "Allow" mac Allow app

Type ownplot in the terminal.

Type ownplot in the terminal.

Double-click on the AppImage file

Performances issues

Version v0.6.0 has been reported to have a low performance. A quick patch has been released which enhances performance a bit v0.6.1 If you have trouble running this release, fall back on version v0.5.1