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Gettings started with PLECS

PLECS is a software tool for system-level simualtions of electrical circuits developed by Plexim. It is not open-source, but it remains very accessible, which is a reason why we adopted it as one of the solutions to model our power converters. In this section we will explain to you how to get started with PLECS and run your first simulation.

Installing PLECS

To install PLECS, go to their website and download the standalone package. Choose your platform and follow the instructions.


There are three ways where you can use PLECS. Choose the one of your convenience.

PLECS provides a 90 days trial license for its products. Follow their dedicated page to get yours.

If you do not want to ask for a license, you can still use PLECS in its demo mode. You will still be able to run the simulations, but you will not be able to modify the model or save its data.

During the JCGE 2024 conference we will provide you with a special license that you can get with by clicking here.

This License will expire on June 23rd 2024.

Once PLECS is installed, you will see its library browser. You are now ready to start working with OwnModels.

PLECS Library Browse

Getting the OwnModels PLECS library

This section will show you how to add the OwnTech library to your PLECS instance.

Step 1 - Go to the OwnModels repository of the owntech foundation github. Either clone it locally (if you know how to use git) or download the zip file.

OwnModels repository

Step 2 - Unzip the file if you use zip. Keep the path at hand.

Step 3 - In PLECS Library Browser go to File->PLECS Preferences

PLECS Preferences

Step 4 - In PLECS Preferences click on the Libraries tab. You will see two sub blocks, search path and user libraries.

PLECS Preferences Library Tab

Step 5 - In Libraries->Search path click on the + icon and navigate to the owntech-lib folder. Click on Choose.

PLECS Preferences Library Tab Search Path

PLECS Preferences Library Tab Search Path navigation

Step 7 - In Libraries->User libraries click on the + icon and navigate to the Owntech_lib.plecs file. Click on Open.

PLECS Use Library Add

PLECS User Library Select

Step 8 - Rename the library name from User Library 1 to OwnTech. Click on Apply and Ok to finish.

PLECS User Library default name

PLECS User Library OwnTech

Step 9 - Verify that the library is correctly added to the Library Browser.

PLECS Library Browser OwnTech

You are now ready to run your first PLECS example.