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The SPIN Board

The SPIN board is the brains of the OwnTech project. It hosts a small-but-powerful STM32G4 micro-controller full of juicy features and capable of fine motor control. This wiki explains the board itself, its features, design decisions and perks.


The spin board - the brains behind the power

Board pinout#

Spin Pinout

All aboard!#

The SPIN board is a minimalist design, focusing on delivering a simple, elegant and powerful solution for power electronics control.

It features TVS protection, a JTAG for programming and a series of through holes, giving access to most of the pins of its powerful micro-controller.

The schematics of the board is explained in the Hardware features page.

Wire it up#

The SPIN is a 4-layered board with some challenging details to its routing. To better understand the routing issues and choices, check our the hardware routing page.